• ”PlayRoom”


    A spacious playroom is furnished with latest toys and games for pre-nursery and nursery children providing homely atmosphere in the school. Audio visual aids are also available to educate and entertain the children.

  • ”Outdoor


    Space is available for limited outdoor games like badminton, volleyball and kho-kho. Children are encouraged to take part in other sports as well.

  • ”Computer


    Children are given lesson in computer beginning from class I. Student are taught simple programming. CD-ROM is an ideal companion tutor to school going child. Keeping this in mind large number of animations and videos as aids to explainations are used.

  • ”Science


    Science without laboratory is incomplete. Lessons therefore are explained through demonstration and practical. Children learn to do simple experiment related to their syllabus.

  • ”Library”


    The school has a collection of fiction and storybooks. Children are encouraged to read newspaper and magazines related to their interest. Encyclopaedia Britannica is also available on CD-ROM.

  • ”Other


    Lush green pollution free environment
    Safety and security during school hours
    Potable cool drinking water
    Standby generator for Uninterrupted power supply

    Audio visual room and projector room

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