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Schedule For Annual Examination

(Examination will be held during School hours)

24-02-18        Saturday            General Knowledge

26-02-18        Monday             RME   /  Moral Science

27-02-18         Tuesday             Computer

28-02-18         Wednesday       Art (I-V)   Science  (VI-VIII)  



03-03-18         Saturday        Maths

06-03-18          Tuesday         English

08-03-18          Thursday        Hist/Civ

10-03-18           Saturday         Hindi

13-03-18           Tuesday        Urdu

15-03-18           Thursday      Geography

17-03-18           Saturday        Art


Class      Pre-Nursery

Date                                                             Day                                                               Subject

08-03-18                                                     Thursday                                                    RME & G.K (Oral)

09-03-18                                                     Friday                                                          Maths & Hindi (Oral)

10-03-18                                                     Saturday                                                     English (Oral)

12-03-18                                                     Monday                                                      English (Written)

13-03-18                                                     Tuesday                                                      Maths (Written)

14-03-18                                                     Wednesday                                              Drawing (Colours)

Nursery & K.G

Date                                                             Day                                                               Subject

06-03-18                                                     Tuesday                                                      English (Oral)

07-03-18                                                     Wednesday                                              English (Written)

08-03-18                                                     Thursaday                                                  G.K (Oral)

09-03-18                                                     Friday                                                          Urdu ( Oral)

12-03-18                                                     Monday                                                      Urdu (Written)

14-03-18                                                     Wednesday                                              Maths )Oral)

15-03-18                                                     Thursday                                                    Maths (Written)

16-03-18                                                     Friday                                                          RME/M.Sc (Oral)

17-03-18                                                      Saturday                                                     Drawing

Class I-V


Date                                                             Day                                                               Subject

03-03-18                                                     Saturday                                                     Holiday

05-03-18                                                     Monday                                                      Maths

07-03-18                                                     Wednesday                                              English

09-03-18                                                     Friday                                                          Social Studies

12-03-18                                                     Monday                                                      Hindi

14-03-18                                                     Wednesday                                              Urdu

16-03-18                                                     Friday                                                          Science


 School Timings effective from Thursday,01 February ,2018

             Pre-Nursery :09:00 am to 12:00 noon

                                                                (Fridays:09:00 am to 11:45 am)

             Nursery    :09:00 am to 12:30 pm

                                                                  (Fridays:08:15 am  to 11:45 am)

             KG  :             09:00 am  to 01:30 pm

                                                                   (Fridays:08:15 to11:45 am)

             I & IV:           08:15 am to 1:50 pm

                                                                  ( Fridays:08:15 am  to 12:10 pm)

             III to VIII:    08:15 am to 02:00 pm

                                                                     (Fridays 08:15 am  to 12:00 noon)


(Important note: Students should reach school five minutes early to join the assembly )

 School Books, Stationary and Uniform: Parents/ Guardians are free to buy prescribed books, stationary and uniform from any shop in the market, but they must stick to the specifications made by the school. Details are available in office.

Regarding Transfer Certificate

Students applying for transfer certificate / Scholar leaving certificate after having joined the school in the new session (2017-18) will be subjected to pay first term fee.

Thought of the Day

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.

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